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Experience the thrill of driving electric with Stillwell Ford

Ford electric vehicles offer a dynamic and exhilarating driving experience.

Instant torque delivery ensures swift acceleration, making every journey an enjoyable one. With low center of gravity and optimized weight distribution, Ford EVs offer remarkable handling and agility.

Additionally, the absence of engine noise provides a serene cabin environment, allowing you to fully appreciate the joy of driving.

Our mission is to make owning an EV a breeze, and we have all the answers you need to embark on this electrifying journey.

Ford Electric Vehicles. Simple to Own. Electrifying to Drive.

Making the Switch to Electric
Charging Technology
Affordability of Electric
Ford's Electric Vehicle Line Up
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Experience the Ultimate Freedom with Ford BlueCruise

Enjoy the exhilaration of hands-free, gas-free highway driving with our Ford electric vehicles (EVs), where you can confidently navigate the open road while embracing a more sustainable and autonomous driving experience.

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More Space for Your Cargo and Tailgate Adventures

Ford electric vehicles (EVs) provide generous storage capacity, allowing you to easily stow your cargo and even utilize the extra space for tailgate activities, ensuring convenience and enjoyment on your journeys.

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Effortless Long Trips with FordPass Power My Trip

Plan your long journey with ease as this intelligent feature considers your current charge level and suggests convenient charging locations along your route.

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Reliable Ford EV Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle’s battery runs out of charge, our dedicated team will be there to assist you and ensure you reach the nearest charging station without any inconvenience.


First, download the FordPass® App* from the App Store® or Google Play™. Then:

  • Open FordPass on your mobile device

  • Log in with your Ford account or create an account if you don’t have one

  • Scan or manually type your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) into FordPass

  • Name your vehicle

  • Select Activate Your Vehicle

Once you finish the setup process in FordPass, go to your vehicle, start it (make sure you’re parked in a safe location) and:

  • Check for a pop-up on your vehicle’s center console display

  • Select Yes to complete modem** activation

If something doesn’t work quite right or you have any questions, please call us for help at (800) 392-3673.

Benefits of activating the modem in your Ford

Once everything is all set up, you can:

  • Remote lock and unlock your vehicle from virtually anywhere using our Phone As A Key technology

  • Use your mobile device to remote start††/stop your vehicle

  • Set departure times in FordPass to pre-heat or pre-cool your vehicle battery and cabin before you go for a drive

Plus, once you activate your modem, you can activate your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot, connect up to 10 devices, and access the signal from up to 50 feet outside your vehicle.

Wi-Fi hotspot includes complimentary wireless data trial that begins upon AT&T activation and expires at the end of 3 months or when 3GB of data is used, whichever comes first. To activate, go to www.att.com/ford.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the perfect cabin temperature when you get in your Ford Mustang Mach-E® SUV?

Here is a helpful forum thread with analysis and data surrounding certain environmental factors that will allow you to get the most out of your Mach-E!

Potential Federal Tax Credits*

Ford electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEV) with MSRPs of $80,000 or less are currently eligible for federal tax credits. See vehicle pages for details.

* Please consult with your own tax or legal professional to determine your individual eligibility. Tax credit amount is based on vehicle-specific component sourcing and assembly and may be subject to change. MSRP cap includes all optional equipment attached to the vehicle at the time of delivery to the dealer and excludes destination charges, optional items added by the dealer, taxes and fees. The federal tax credit is a potential future tax savings. The amount of your tax savings will depend on your individual tax circumstances. Incentives and additional rebates are not within Ford’s control. This information does not constitute tax or legal advice. Click here for additional information.

Electric Vehicle Savings Calculator

Only an estimate. Excludes taxes, title, license, and insurance.


... ...
Miles per gallon

Enter your car's MPG here.

Average cost per gallon

Gar price reflect New Jersey's average. You may enter your own value here.


... ...
Miles per kWhr

This is the current number of miles EV's get per kWhr, on average. If you know your desired vehicle's rate, enter it here.

Average cost per kWhr

This is an average for New Jersey residential electricity rates. To find your own price per kilowatt-hour, divide total costs by kWhr, and take an average over both winter and summer months.

This is how much you could save per year by switching to an electric vehicle!

BlueOval™ Charge Network

The BlueOval™ Charge Network (BOCN) is ready for your next EV road trip. It’s the biggest EV charging network – with the most DC Fast Charging locations – in North America.* And it just keeps growing.

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